Common Types of Adhesives and Their Uses

Adhesives are commonly used substances that assist in the binding of surfaces, ensuring that two or more components are secured together with separation resistance. Depending on whether adhesives are required for a simple task or a robust industrial process, there are numerous types on the market that may cater towards different applications. As different adhesives present varying levels of adhesion and characteristics, having a basic understanding of common types is recommended before making a purchase. 

With a variety of adhesives that are created from different materials, all may differ in their abilities. Resins are common types of adhesives, coming in the form of synthetically manufactured polymers. Resins are either thermosetting or thermostatic, both of which determine their setting qualities. With a thermosetting resin, the remold can be prepared at hot temperatures, while thermostatic resins are unable to be remolded once the curing process has been finalized. 

With a hot melt adhesive, such materials may be hardened and softened as needed, typically requiring the application of heat or cold temperatures. While capable of providing rapid bonding between materials, hot melt adhesives can be corrected due to their changeability. Spray adhesives, or contact spray adhesives, are both waterproof and transparent, allowing for either a temporary or permanent bonding to be quickly created. Due to the flexibility of contact sprays, such types of adhesives are useful for uneven or porous surfaces. 

Adhesive epoxies are commonly relied on for manufacturing processes and industries, often being used for automobiles, aircraft, plywood manufacturing, and more. Capable of curing at a rapid pace, adhesive epoxies are capable of creating bonds for concrete surfaces. For the highest performance with ample versatility, urethane adhesives are quite beneficial. Urethane adhesives may be one-pack or two-pack systems, and urethane sealants, moisture-cure urethanes, fire-stopping adhesives, and caulking materials are all common types. Beyond such examples, a number of other adhesives may be used, those of which include construction adhesives, bonding adhesives, pressure adhesives, acrylic adhesives, and more.

With a general understanding of the diversity of adhesives, one should then consider the application that they require bonding for so that a determination may be made. For industries that manufacture paper or cardboard packaging, adhesives are commonly used for the means of securing an assembly that will last through storage and transportation. When searching for the right fit, one should consider whether they are working with porous materials or not, as certain adhesives may work best with one or the other.

During wet-bond lamination, two substrates are laminated and may be attached through wet bonding. In some instances, a material such as paper will be porous, while others may not. Generally, the adhesive material will be oven dried once the two substrates are attached, ensuring that they are secured together. When using dry-bond lamination, both substrates will be non-porous and will not exhibit filtration qualities. If attaching film onto foil, as an example, an adhesive may be attached to one substrate and dried within an oven before the final attachment is made. 

When implementing adhesives for aerospace applications, the most common types include epoxies, structural acrylics, cyanoacrylates, anaerobics, and other such materials. Anaerobic adhesives in particular commonly serve to establish thread sealing, threadlocking, retaining, and gasketing, typically being found in the engine compartment. Epoxies, meanwhile, are beneficial for their strength and low weight. When bonding carbon fiber materials, Permabond  ET5428 and ET5429 are commonly relied on.

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